Friday, December 10, 2010

We don’t hear much about the Cancun Climate Talks here in the Rochester, NY region.

Sure, Cancun, Mexico is far away down south, but Climate Change is happening all over—even Rochester. Check this list to see what possible changes will occur in our area because of Climate Change.

Too keep up on the major story of our times that will affect Rochester, NY too you have to go to Cancún climate change conference 2010 | Environment | and DemocracyNow!—who is spending the week reporting on why the rest of us should care about the planet heating up.

This is the trouble with present-day media: they are incapable of reporting on our environment because it isn’t flashy and splashy the way most of the nonsense we parade across our local headlines. Climate Change will affect Rochester, NY businesses, families, our water quality, how we use energy—almost every aspect of our lives. Yet, we our media continues on as if this major planetary feature isn’t part of the news we need to know, the background of everything we will be doing. Our media should be reporting on what our educational facilities are doing to educate the young on the warming world that will be theirs soon.

Our media should be tracking how businesses are shaping their businesses to deal with a warming world. In fact, many of the products we use, especially the way we use energy, affects not only the planet’s atmosphere but the lives of the underdeveloped countries ability to survive—and they know it.

But, most of us in our neck of the woods don’t. We still attend to a media that thinks that our little world isn’t an integral part of the rest of the world: We don’t have a media that continually looks at major stories around the world, like the present Climate Change talks, and shows how they are connected to all aspects of our lives.

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