Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No nuclear problems in the local media:


When you watch the local news everyday as I do, a curious fact surfaces.  Despite all the news about hydrofracking and the turbulence of wind power in our area, one rarely hears a peep about nuclear energy. 

I can understand why a lot of groups would want to suppress news about local nuclear power issues (because it becomes a convenient default energy source when they fight renewable energy and say they care about Climate Change), but I don’t understand why our local press doesn’t monitor what is going on with nuclear power more closely.  Maybe, they are afraid they’ll sound like Chicken Little by raising the specter of Chernobyl at even the mentioning of a nuclear problem—I don’t really know the reason. 

What I do know is that if the media isn’t keeping a close watch on this very potentially dangerous energy source, the public cannot make wise energy choices. 

The press has no trouble mentioning every bird that hits a wind turbine blade, but freaks at mentioning a nuclear event or protesters nearby concerned about trafficking nuclear material pass our neighborhood.  These are just a couple of nearby media that are watching nuclear power events:  

Company postpones nuke generator shipment on lakes -


 DEC: Thousands of gallons of oil leaked into Hudson after Indian Point fire | | The Journal News

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