Saturday, December 04, 2010

Don’t give up on Climate Change talks before they start

The Cancún Climate Summit, despite everyone’s low expectation, is the hottest thing going on with Climate Change next week. 

It’s worth your attention to find out how the world reacts to Climate Change and what to expect from our leaders.  Too often we tend to think of major events like the Climate Change talks as if they are sports events, or a political event, and so if there isn’t going to be a real contest then no one cares— if the outcome has ‘low expectations.’  

Well, the Cancún Climate Summit is not a sports event.  It’s not a political contest about who has spent the most money for the most likely candidate.  It’s humanity’s reaction to their actions and physics. 

It is an attempt by the countries of the world to address the most pressing problem of our age—our planet warming up by the things we do, warming our homes, fueling our vehicles, producing our food, and just about everything else .  One way to stay informed is to tune into Democracy Now next week.  They plan to report on the Cancún Climate Summit from Cancún. 

Democracy Now! A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 900 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the U.S.

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