Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What can we expect from Governor Cuomo on our environment?


Now that Cuomo has been elected as governor of New York State and our very own Mayor Duffy to Lieutenant Governor, how will things change for Rochester’s environment? Check it out:

Cleaner Greener NY “The protection and improvement of our environment is more than an investment in the quality of life for New Yorkers, it can also benefit our economy for years to come.”

Because I’m helping to develop a bicycle boulevard project throughout Rochester’s neighborhoods, I’m especially interested in Governor Cuomo’s Transportation goals:

“We must explore alternative vehicles and environmentally friendly public transportation throughout the State.  This includes upgrading our rail system for high speed rail, the development and adoption of alternative fuel vehicles, retrofitting of public transportation system, including the acquisition of hybrid buses, to improve the environment, and encouraging pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to ensure New York’s streets are safe and encourage these forms of transportation.”

I like the words “bicycle infrastructure”.  Will Cuomo keep his promise?  If he does, that means alternative transportation, safer streets for walking and bicycling, less polluting vehicles in the Rochester area.  Most of the trips we take with our vehicles are under six miles from our home.  We should be bicycling or walking those routes (if we can) and reducing greenhouse gases being released in our neighborhoods--making these modes of transportation safer.  Check out what is already being accomplished on bicycle boulevards in our neighborhoods.

Upper Monroe Bicycle Boulevards “On December 2, 2009, the Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association (UMNA) Executive Committee voted to support the Bicycle Boulevard concept in the City of Rochester. This decision may herald a healthier, friendlier, and safer neighborhood for us all, even if you don’t bike.  What are bicycle boulevards? “Bike Boulevards are: Low-traffic neighborhood streets that have been optimized for bicycling;” (  The goal is to provide attractive, safe routes through the neighborhood for bicyclists.  See  for a comprehensive discussion of the concept.”

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