Friday, November 19, 2010

The trouble with waste water treatment plants:


This is one of those critical environmental issues that we here in the US seem totally incapable of addressing—can our wastewater treatment plants handle what we are throwing at them?  We know that our waste water treatment plants have to let raw sewage go into our waters in some major storm events, due to overflow.  They can only handle so much volume.

We know that these waste water treatment plants were not designed to handle pharmaceuticals and a myriad of manmade chemicals and products that go through them every day. 

We haven’t even had major testing as the Canadians have and brought this issue to the public’s attention.  We are deluding ourselves that we are keeping our waters save and healthy. 

I’ve heard talk of sending hydrofracking fluid waste through these systems too.  I cannot verify this, but if true this is really far beyond the kind of stuff waste water treatment plants were designed for, which are supposed to filter our waste before they go into our drinking and fishing waters safe.  

It’s bad when our economy tanks and we have to struggle to live and retire.  It’s going to be really bad if our environment tanks because we are too busy with other matters to focus on it.

Study tests sewage for drugs Truckloads of stinking Windsor sewage have begun rolling down Highway 401 to be tested for drugs at the Environment Canada laboratories in Burlington. The federal environmental agency is just one of many parties involved in an ambitious new study centred on Windsor that is looking at painkillers, perfumes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other contaminants making their way into the Great Lakes, the primary source of drinking water for millions of people.  (November 18, 2010) Windsor Star - News

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