Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seas Rise due to Climate Change will affect all New York State coastlines


Here’s the deal: Climate Change will causes water levels to rise because of glacier melt.  This will not only affect small islands (IPCC Report: Climate Proofing Small Islands ), making some of the disappear altogether; it will affect New York State. 

“EVERY NEW YORK TIDAL COASTAL COMMUNITY WILL BE AFFECTED BY SEA LEVEL RISE -Sea level rise will have dramatic implications for New York’s coastal communities and their natural resources, affecting the entire ocean and estuarine coastline of the state. Every community along the Hudson River from the federal dam at Troy to New York Harbor and along Long Island Sound and the Atlantic coastline will be affected.”

Though not affecting Monroe County specifically in the report, it will affect Monroe County because so much of the effects of Climate Change due to water levels rising are so widespread, including public health, hazards of sea level rise, fresh water resources, ecosystems affected, public works and infrastructure, communications, energy, transportation, solid waste, and drinking water supplies.

Instead of reading arguments in blogs and social media about whether Climate Change is one of those maddening delusions that your enemies have cooked up to push your buttons, why not read a real account of what your New York State officials are considering to do to address this very real occurrence—in your backyard. 

Read this full account of what could very well happen in our area due to Climate Change and what might be done to address it.

New York State Sea Level Rise Task Force Report to the Legislature "The New York State Sea Level Rise Task Force was created by an act of the New York State Legislature (Chapter 613 of the Laws of New York) in August 2007. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Pete Grannis, Chair of the Task Force, assigned Special Counsel Robin Schlaff to establish and chair a steering committee. Kristin Marcell served as steering committee vice‐chair. The steering committee, comprised of state agency staff and representatives of non‐governmental organizations (NGOs), spent an extraordinary amount of time researching, discussing and deliberating issues addressed in the report. Members of the steering committee coordinated the work of five work groups: Community Resilience, Ecosystems and Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Legal and Public Outreach. Each work group included representatives from academia, businesses, NGOs, environmental justice and community groups, and federal, state and local agencies. This report is the result of their efforts, and the Task Force gratefully acknowledges their contributions. Projections of sea level rise affecting New York State were provided by the Columbia University Center for Climate Systems Research based on work undertaken for the New York City Panel on Climate Change. "New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

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