Monday, November 22, 2010

New Dialogue on Climate Change:


Listen or read about how scientists have gathered to combat the litany of mistruths the public has on Climate Change.  Climate deniers have been having a field day confusing the public and the media on the science of Climate Change and scientist want to clear the air with the facts. 

In a way, this is a sad commentary on our times that scientists have to go head-to-head with those who didn’t learn their ninth-grade Earth science and have taken their frightful ignorance to mainstream media.  But there you are, a public and a media who don’t what to talk seriously about the most important issue of our day, Climate Change, and have dropped the dialogue to the level of online squabbles. 

The truth is that many serious folks who are charged with protecting the public are moving ahead on Climate Change by beginning preparations for Climate Change.

New Yorkers Learn the Troubles Posed by Sea Level Rise Flow Far Beyond Manhattan - NEW YORK -- New York state is beginning to take the threat of sea level rise attributed to climate change seriously as a new government prepares to settle in next year. Starting Monday, state officials in Albany will gather with members of the public to discuss a recently released 93-page report that recommends major changes to development planning and conservation along coastlines from the tip of Long Island all way up the Hudson River Valley. (November 19, 2010) The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

You can read about how New York State intends to address Climate Change and even make comment on the plan, instead of going backwards and arguing about what most of the scientists in the world already know: Climate Change is happening.

New York State Climate Action Plan - Interim Report - November 9, 2010 | This Interim Report is presented by sections and chapters and, following this list, as a compiled report in three sections.  The public comment period for this report will extend for ninety days, beginning on November 9, 2010 and ending on February 7, 2011. Instructions for submitting comments electronically are provided at .   

And, this is where the public dialogue should be on Climate Change, acting, not arguing about whether Climate Change is happening.  That horse has left the barn; but for those who still need to be mollycoddled through the facts on Climate Change that they should already know they will get help:

John Abraham and Scott Mandia - Climate Science Strikes Back | Point of Inquiry "For the community of scientists who study the Earth’s climate, these are bewildering times. They've seen wave upon wave of political attacks. They're getting accustomed to a public that grows more skeptical of their conclusions even as scientists grow more confident in them. No wonder there’s much frustration out there in the climate science world—and now, a group of researchers have organized to do something about it. Their initiative is called the Climate Science Rapid Response Team, and it pledges to organize dozens of researchers to help set the record straight. "  (November 19, 2010)  Point of Inquiry

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