Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The moral connection to your gadget:


Buying, using, recycling, and discarding electronics involves you. Just released yesterday, the new Story of Stuff people have released The Story of Electronics

In this short film you learn about the problem of electronics and how they contribute to our toxic waste problem.  We as a society need to see how products we buy are part of a continuum where our buying and using the product are only but  a few of the stages of the life of a piece of electronics.  If we don’t get the message that what we buy matters we won’t be able to affect how items like electronics affect our environment.  And remember in  New York State a new law on the subject of ‘take back’ goes into effect on April 1st,  2010

Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation “Beginning April 1, 2011, manufacturers of covered electronic equipment [those covered by the law] will be required to accept the following: computers, televisions (as well as cathode ray tubes), small scale servers, computer peripherals (monitors, electronic keyboards, electronic mice or similar pointing devices, facsimile machines, document scanners, printers), small electronic equipment (VCRs, digital video recorders, portable digital music players, DVD players, digital converter boxes, cable or satellite receivers, electronic or video game consoles)” more... 

We don’t know much about this new law, how it will work, or how it will be enforced, so stay tuned to  When we find out, you’ll find out.

The Story of Electronics The Story of Stuff Project worked closely with the Electronics TakeBack Coalition to develop and distribute The Story of Electronics. ETBC is a coalition effort launched in 2001 to promote green design and responsible recycling in the electronics industry. ETBC works to protect the health and well being of electronics users, workers, and the communities where electronics are produced and discarded by requiring consumer electronics manufacturers and brand owners to take full responsibility for the life cycle of their products, through effective public policy requirements or enforceable agreements. To learn more about ETBC and get involved click here.

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