Monday, November 29, 2010

How will Climate Change affect our area?


We are going to have to look at large studies, like this my NASA, to find out how our region is going to be affected by Climate Change. 

Odds are our local media either doesn’t have the money for investigative reporting, or the desire (because too many of their customers don’t believe in Climate Change), or the bandwidth to deal with the most important news of our region—because they are reporting on a lot of other stuff like sports news.  

Too bad, how are we in the Rochester, NY region going to get ready for Climate Change if we don’t know what to expect?  So, until our local media gets on the job of getting this important information to the public so they can plan and work in the real world, we must ferret out what we can from Climate Change studies that include our area. 

NASA Study Finds Earth's Lakes are Warming - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory “In North America, trends were slightly higher in the southwest United States than in the Great Lakes region. Warming was weaker in the tropics and in the mid-latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere. The results were consistent with the expected changes associated with global warming.” (November 23, 2010) NASA - Home

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