Monday, October 11, 2010

The story about clean energy that is not being told.

Too many articles about wind and solar energy in our region launch out the position that these renewable energy sources cannot possibly meet our energy needs because they are so wind and sun dependent. 

This is a crucial argument that allows the public to dismiss and not demand that renewable energy to become a major factor in our energy equation in our region.  What is missing from these reports is that with the co-advance of energy storage both wind and solar can and must be a major factor in our energy supply in our region. 

The press does the public no service when it does not counteract arguments that renewable energy is woefully inadequate when they don’t mention storage.  If the public realized that public funding and support for energy storage, along with other green energy advances, could significantly increase our clean energy, we might have a chance to mitigate or slow down greenhouse gases that we emit using the present fossil fuel burning sources that we use now. 

The fossil fuel industry gets billions of tax right-off for their industry, why aren’t billions being used for increasing the efficiency of energy storage?  Why is this important link not being made in our mainstream media continually along with the argument that renewable energy is not sufficient for our needs? 

Is it neglect, not caring, not being informed, or a downright attempt to keep those pushing for energy that is warming our planet to continue doing that?  Is this the way our press should be informing us of what we need to know about the importance of the energy/environment/climate change issue? 

Shouldn’t we see more articles like this one from the New York Times on this critical component of clean energy—storage?: I.H.T. Special Report - Global Clean Energy - The Challenge of Storing Energy on a Large Scale - "SAN FRANCISCO — Renewable energy sources like solar power and wind have been in the spotlight lately, as have ways to improve control of the power distribution system through information technology. But another crucial component of developing a climate-friendly, secure and affordable supply of electricity — large-scale storage — has received little attention. " (September 29, 2010) The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

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