Monday, October 25, 2010

Not addressing major threats to a society’s existence is what causes societies to collapse.


We have so politicized everything in the US, including our environment that we cannot address the critical state our environmental health is in. 

A political party that does not, or cannot, accept Climate Change and therefore begin addressing it is a dysfunction party—by definition.

This isn’t merely an opinion; it’s a profound problem about our collected ability to confront the most important issue of our times.  Many are so blinded by the political pendants, and everything else associated with the political scene, that we are shooting ourselves in the foot. 

How are we going to get around this problem that a major party in our county doesn’t even believe in the science of Climate Change? 

How can a candidate work with communities, scientists, businesses, and our economy if they refuse to see the elephant in the room—our planet is warming up by our actions and it’s going to take a profound county-wide effort to mitigate the effects of climate change?  No political arguments or collective distain is going to get around the physics of climate change. 

What’s the point of being an intelligent being, if you cannot take responsibility for your planet and see that its environment (that keeps us alive) does not fail? 

GOP Victory May Be Defeat For Climate Change Policy The more carbon that gets released into the atmosphere, the higher the average temperature rises. That's a scientific fact. Human activities, such as driving, flying, building and even turning on the lights, are the biggest contributor to the release of carbon. That too, is a fact. And yet the majority of Republicans running for House and Senate seats this year disagree. (October 23, 2010)  NPR

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