Friday, October 15, 2010

Natural gas for energy is trumping wind, solar, coal, and even nuclear power:

That the market forces are responsible for a dramatic shift in the cost of energy, making natural gas the winner, may strike most as comforting.

The invisible hand of the market is deciding for us the cheapest way to get energy in the future for our homes. But this is not good news because even though we know the planet is warming because of the use of fossil fuels we continue to allow our responsibility to our planet and other life to be subjugated to market forces.

If we were responsible folks, we would demand in large numbers that public funding go towards renewable energy and not let the best energy price wind. This idea is not so radical; it’s based on our environment and our survival instead of what the market will bear. Remember, Nature will only bear the laws of physics.

Regardless of the price of energy, if you put greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the place warms up and this effects everything (not in a good way) and everybody on the planet.

Natural gas elbows its way to center stage | Business news | - Houston Chronicle NEW YORK — By unlocking decades' worth of natural-gas deposits deep underground across the United States, drillers have ensured that natural gas will be cheap and plentiful for the foreseeable future. It's a reversal from a few years ago that is transforming the energy industry. The sudden abundance of natural gas has been a boon to homeowners who use it for heat, local economies in gas-rich regions, manufacturers that use it to power factories and companies that rely on it as a raw material for plastic, carpet and other everyday products. But it has upended the ambitious growth plans of companies that produce power from wind, nuclear energy and coal. Those plans were based on the assumption that supplies of natural gas would be tight, and prices high. (October 13, 2010) Houston news, entertainment, search and shopping | - Houston Chronicle

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