Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good article on how bicycles are slowing integrating themselves into our transportation.


Other cities around the US are embracing bicycling as real transportation and Rochester to is slowly making progress. 

Check out Upper Monroe Bicycle Boulevards

“On Sunday, May 23 at 1 PM in Cobbs Hill Park over forty bicyclists began a bicycle boulevard demonstration ride through Upper Monroe neighborhood in Rochester, New York. They were not racers, or members of a single bicycling club, or recruits for a charity ride.  They were just ordinary folks finding out what a bicycle boulevard would look and feel like in our area.”

Read on… Bike Paths - Bicycle Lanes - The Daily Green

Bicycles are becoming more popular transportation around the country, as infrastructure for them improves. Around the U.S. new bike lanes and paths are all the rage, helping cash-strapped cities simultaneously green operations and trim budgets -- adding bike lanes is far less costly (to taxpayers and the environment) than building new roads.

Also, the nonprofit League of American Bicyclists reports that real estate values increase with proximity to bike paths.

"People enjoy living close to bike paths and are willing to pay more for an otherwise comparable house to be closer to one," the group reports, citing examples from Indiana, California and elsewhere showing that homes near bike trails command a premium upwards of 10 percent. (October 17, 2010)

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