Saturday, October 23, 2010

Elections and our Environment:


Elections coming up and time to vote for our environment:  Need some help?  Check here: 

"New York State's one-and-only environmental Voters' Guide is available online. Click here to read it! Each year EPL/Environmental Advocates’ green report card grades New York State lawmakers according to their votes on bills that could help or harm our air, land and water. The 2010 New York State Legislative Session was chock full of green heroes and villains, but there are a few who stood out above the rest.  Legislators of the Year honors are awarded to the public figures that have done the most to advance environmentally beneficial policy. And the Oil Slick award is given to the public figure that has done the most to derail New York's environmental protections.  Click here to find out who got top honors (2010 Legislator of the Year) and who was dis-honored with the “Oil Slick” award. This year’s scorecard features not one, but two Legislators of the Year, as well as a very special Oil Slick award for the state lawmaker who has done his best to kowtow to the oil and gas industry at the expense of New York’s drinking water. Can you guess who it might be? Click here to find out. The 2010 Voters’ Guide was made possible in large part thanks to your generous donation. And there's still time to support the Guide, click here to make a gift today.   Every legislator in New York State is up for re-election, and thanks to our green scorecard, New Yorkers from Buffalo to Long Island know how their legislators acted on environmental issues—for good or ill. Click here to see how your representatives scored in the EPL/Environmental Advocates' annual Voters’ Guide. " Environmental Advocates New York

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