Saturday, September 11, 2010

Knowing the impact of your Energy Source Matters:

Check out this major study on how the burning of coal for our energy affects our health and environment.

You can use interactive maps to Find Your Risk from Power Plant Pollution in your area.

Many will avoid this study because it will make them uncomfortable about using our present energy sources, but they should read it. Much of the energy that we have used to heat our homes and light up our lights has taken a great toll on our health and our environment. 

It’s important to acknowledge this when making energy choices—or when we avoid backing renewable, non-pollution, choices like off-shore wind when they are offered in our area This report shows that much has been done to reduce the negative effects of coal and more needs to be done. It shows that governmental measures to reduce the pollution from coal work.

But, it doesn’t show that moving to renewable energy wholesale would eliminate all of the effects of burning coal because the pollution affects of coal go further than just burning it.  Digging it, transporting, and getting rid of the waste, and the removal of mountain tops all are a part of an energy source that needs to end. 

The Toll from Coal - Clean Air Task Force (CATF) "Among all industrial sources of air pollution, none poses greater risks to human health and the environment than coal-fired power plants. Emissions from coalfired power plants contribute to global warming, ozone smog, acid rain, regional haze, and–perhaps most consequential of all from a public health standpoint – fine particle pollution. In 2000 and again in 2004, the Clean Air Task Force commissioned comprehensive studies of health impacts caused by fine particle air pollution from the nation's roughly 500 coal-fired power plants. " (September 2010) Clean Air Task Force

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