Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Is Water Diversion from the Great Lakes Going to Happen?

Whether Denis Kucinich is right and there is a loophole in the agreements, so that water can be taken from the Great Lakes basin or not, I think it will happen anyway.  

Regardless of any agreement, international or not, when desperate areas outside the Great Lakes basin need fresh water to survive, I believe there will be a way to give it to them. 

Scientifically, this will change the character of the Great Lakes which only has a 1% natural refill of water.  

Morally, now to you keep a vast amount of fresh water from those who are desperate?  We are a long way from addressing this issue.

PolitiFact Ohio | Dennis Kucinich warns that loophole in the Great Lakes compact could allow exploitation of water Think of the Great Lakes compact as a fence.   The agreement is meant to wrap around the Great Lakes watershed and keep people from taking water out.   But U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich isn’t so sure.   He fears the states could be powerless to stop Great Lakes water from being exported from the watershed in small bottles. The lakes, 84 percent of North America’s surface water supply, are one of the world’s greatest natural resources that must be protected, he says. (September 1, 2010) PolitiFact Ohio | Sorting out the truth in politics

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