Saturday, September 04, 2010

Education Sustainability Theme

We are heartened to see that at least one of our schools of higher learning is focusing on sustainability.  At this time, when our economy is still struggling for jobs and our environmental problems are more dear, it would be prudent to see all our area’s education facilities focus on the importance of educating our young on sustainability. But it shouldn’t just be a catchy theme for this year. 

Our educational institutions should be so in tune with the importance of ‘getting it’ on our environment and how everything we do, how we shop, what employment we have, what stocks we invest in, all are related to our environment and being able to sustain ourselves in it. 

Some day we won’t be talking about sustainability in our education, in our economy, or in the way we build because there will be no other way.  Everything we do will have to be sustainable. 

Until we get to that point, it is critical that we educate our young on a component of their education that has been missing.  Environment, sustainability, and producing a green economy are not simply a temporary popular goal—there is no other way to survive.

MCC Fall Semester is More Green Monroe Community College’s school colors are black and gold, but students this fall will be seeing more green. A host of environmentally-conscious initiatives will greet students when classes begin Tuesday, Sept. 7: Green Courses Since Fall 2008, MCC students have been able to enroll in courses with a sustainability theme. (September 1, 2010) MCC NEWS

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