Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time to pipe up about Recycling Plastics in our region:

Thanks to an article yesterday by City Newspaper, ENVIRONMENT: Should the county recycle No. 5 plastics? - News Articles - Rochester City Newspaper, there’s a chance for a dialogue on why Monroe County does not recycle 3-7 plastics and other surrounding counties can.

Monroe County’s argument is that there isn’t a steady market for these plastics. Other NYS counties don’t agree.

Just yesterday it was announced that New York City has so much faith in a market for that they are going to require all plastics recycling: Mayor Bloomberg Signs Bills Expanding New York City Recycling (8/18/2010) Waste Age Magazine.

And, recently nearby Onondaga County has made recycling #5 plastic mandatory: OCRRA to vote today on adding No. 5 plastic to blue bins in Onondaga County | (7/13/2010).

We don’t purport to have all the answers, but it seems that if other counties are recycling all plastics our counties can work together so that all NYS counties recycle all plastic creating a steady waste flow, which could create a steady waste plastics market. In any event, no matter where you stand on this issue, please take a moment and chime in on this issue at City’s article--Should the county recycle No. 5 plastics? (Comment at the bottom of the article online) —because this in an important dialogue for our community to have.

This dialogue should be framed so it is about our environmental and our economic future. If we recycled all plastics we’d clean up our environment from these discarded substances create new green businesses. It’s not going to happen if the public doesn’t get behind this issue. Find out more about Recycling the the Rochesterm, Ny region here: Recycling.

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