Thursday, August 19, 2010

The media and our environment:

When asked, the public is interested and concerned about the state of our environment.  Why isn’t this reflected in our mainstream media?  Why do so few mainstream media investigate environmental issues? 

Why don’t mainstream media continually remind the public that the decisions they make now will affect the stability of our environment?  Why is our environment marginalized in mainstream media and not on the front page every day? 

Climate Change, pollution, loss of biodiversity, over populations, sprawl, and a lot more environmental issues are extremely important issues that we need to address and soon, but we are not addressing them in our media.  Why?

Shouldn’t an intelligent species like ourselves be focused on the very issues that will drastically change our way of life?  Shouldn’t environmental issues be one of the main concerns of the press, just as much as Freedom, and what actor or sports hero has committed some petty crime? 

Here’s what the public wants: Public Supports Consumer and Environmental Protections, Polls Show | OMB Watch Americans overwhelmingly support government protection of the environment and consumers, a series of new polls shows. The findings come as efforts to enforce and expand regulation face increasingly hostile rhetoric from conservatives and industry representatives in Washington. (August 17, 2010) OMB Watch | Promoting open government, accountability, and citizen participation since 1983

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