Monday, July 26, 2010

What if gasoline were $10 a gallon?

There are many ways to get around Rochester that don’t use gasoline.  But the public is unlikely to use them—walking, bicycling, public transportation, hybrid electric, fuel cell, compressed natural gas, propane—until the price of gasoline goes up. Our infrastructure encourages the use of the gasoline fueled vehicle because there are streets everywhere that accommodate cars far better than bicyclists, slower moving electric vehicles, and even walking.

In fact using our gas guzzlers to get from here to there seems so convenient that we are oblivious of the number of deaths on our streets each year and what they are doing to our environment. Besides the myriad of reasons most jump into their car to go from here to there, there stands out the most compelling reason, for when it changes it drastically limits use of the automobile, the price of gasoline. People don’t drive as much when the gasoline prices go up. 

What if the gasoline price was $10 a gallon and not $2 and some change?  Seem preposterous?  Not so much.  Actually, our gasoline costs are absurdly low.

Subsidies and many more factors keep our gasoline, thus our current transportation system, on an unsustainable path. How long can we ignore the true costs of gasoline?  What will happen if that price changes dramatically?  Got a backup plan? 

Don’t believe me?  Check out the true cost of gasoline from an expert:   The Breakdown: What Is The True Cost Of Gas? | The Nation "Each summer, drivers across the nation seem to suffer a collective anxiety attack about the rising cost of gas. Now imagine that the cost you pay at the pump reflected not only the cost of gas without all of the government tax breaks and subsidies to the oil industry, but also the environmental costs of drilling for oil, and the political costs, and the health costs of all that oil. With these factors in place, what would be the real price of gas? The Nation's Washington, DC Editor Christopher Hayes and energy expert and author Terry Tamminen try to answer this question on this week's edition of The Breakdown. " The Nation

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