Friday, July 30, 2010

Perils of Modern Transportation:

Bigger, better, faster has so long been the mantra of our transportation objectives that we might have missed that it’s not working so well. Our hot new gas guzzlers are not only heating up the plane, they are making the increasing number of pedestrians lives dangerous.

In our exuberance to concede our available space to vehicles, we have forgotten that we not be able to always afford or wish to move about by vehicle.  We might want to move around (after we lose that job, or retire, or want some exercise) by walking and bicycling, but that isn’t so easy anymore.  What we’ve created is a world for cars and not so much for us. 

How do we step back from an asphalt environment to a more sustainable one?  Check this story out: [VIDEO] Dangerous Crossing | Blueprint America | PBS "In recent years a little noticed shift has been transforming suburbia: the home of the middle class has become the home of the working poor. As a result, roadways that were built for the car are now used by a growing population that can’t afford to drive. The consequences can be deadly. Blueprint America on Need to Know from suburban Atlanta where getting to the other side of the road is nothing to take for granted. " Blueprint America | PBS

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