Monday, July 12, 2010

Bicycles as Transportation in Rochester:

In these hard financial times, it’s hard to see any alternative transportation ideas take root—gas prices are down and alternative vehicles still too expensive for many. So, most are sticking with their gas-guzzler to get around. But in Rochester there is way to get around with vehicles and a transportation system that doesn’t pollute and doesn’t increase greenhouse gases. 

The bicycle is being transformed in the Rochester region because, under the auspices of the Rochester Bicycle Master Plan, it will be easier and safer to ride your bicycle to those short distances from our homes that constitute most of the miles we actually ride. 

This transportation option in our area is moving, check here to find out more: City of Rochester | Bicycle Master Plan Project "The City is developing a long-term master plan for bicycling infrastructure and services. Sprinkle Consulting (with SRF & Associates and EDR as subconsultants) was selected through a request for proposal process and is on board to produce a plan that will: identify best practices for bicycling infrastructure and services,  assess their feasibility for local application, identify appropriate locations for bicycle facilities, and recommend bicycle-supportive policies. While the plan will provide conceptual design and inventory work with respect to on-street bike lanes, it will also consider shared lane markings (sharrows), bicycle boulevards, bicycle parking, commuter facilities (e.g. showers, lockers), bicycle sharing, and more. While the City of Rochester and Monroe County received an "honorable mention" from the League of American Bicyclists' "Bicycle Friendly Communities" program in 2009, the goal is to achieve full "Bicycle Friendly Community" status from the group. Download the project's full scope of services. " -from City of Rochester

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