Thursday, June 10, 2010

BP Oil Spill Enlightens Us:

If there is one thing amongst the environmental and economic tragedies of the BP Oil Spill, is a glimpse of how the public can see and understand the depth and breadth of a widespread environmental situation.  

There’s no end of web sites and TV shows that provide graphs, aerial photographs and videos, animations, photos from space, shoreline and below-the ocean waves videos of the disaster and potential disaster sights.

This disaster is unfolding in a time frame that allows for continual updates and commentary, interviews with scientist, people put out of jobs, and people who are waiting for the oil plumes to touch their lives.

What it means: The public can grasp visually the effects our choices are having the on the planet, in this case our choice to remain addicted to fossil fuels.  There’s too much information now about the BP Oil Spill for even the most stubborn anti-environmentalist to deny the scope of this disaster and frame the public’s miss-understanding of it. We are changing the planet and we can witness this, via the coverage on the BP Oil Spill, in a way that is clear and present in the public’s consciousness.  

The coverage: Gulf Coast Oil Spill: News & Videos about Gulf Coast Oil Spill - | EPA Response to BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico | US EPA | McClatchy | Oil spill Gulf of Mexico BP Transocean Halliburton Deepwater Horizon cleanup environmental impact beaches tourism | Gulf Oil Spill : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News | Gulf Oil Spill - ProPublica

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