Saturday, June 05, 2010

Accepting Fish Contaminants:

That our Finger Lakes fish are filled with these manmade toxins is more than sad: PCBs, mercury (some of this may be natural occurring in water) , Mirex, dioxin, and DDT.  Having to select what fish that can be eaten and learning how to prepare what little can be eaten should not be acceptable. 

If manmade contaminants are showing up in our fish (and we should be continually checking) everything in the world should be done to fix that and clean our waters.  A change of attitude where we do not tolerate any contaminants in our water should be the norm, not the present situation where we shrug our shoulders and say this is the way things are.  No, this is a sign that our way of life in heading towards collapse. 

The environment will be what it is, fit for our way of life, or so hostile that it’s fit for only a few cockroaches (who are pretty hardy).  Accepting environmental degradation is only a human conceit, like thinking the fire that is burning the building you’re in won’t reach your room.   

Health Advice on Eating Sportfish and Game - Finger Lakes Region - " Fish from fresh waters are more likely to be contaminated than fish from remote marine waters because many fresh waters are close to human activities and contamination sources. Anglers (and others who eat fish caught by friends) often eat fish from a limited set of waters because they tend to return to favorite fishing locations. When those fishing locations contain fish with higher contaminant levels, the people who eat them will have higher contaminant exposures. " - from New York State Department of Health

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In general, environment refers to the surroundings of an object.