Friday, May 14, 2010

Reducing Phone Books and Paper Waste:

Tired of seeing all those phone books all over your apartment complexes, on streets, porches, and public hallways?  These humungous books to find phone numbers were great in their day.  However, because of the increase in online search engines and cellular phones, which store phone numbers and allow for phone searches, we see no need to for phone companies to continually produce phone books in the vast quantities they have in the past. 

We understand that some disadvantaged poor do not have easy access to electronic searches and that some enjoy the coupons in the yellow pages, which are a major revenue source for Frontier.  One solution might be to let people "opt out" of receiving the full, large phone books and instead offer various sized smaller white books with just emergency or government numbers or smaller yellow books with coupons. 

Also, it is quite possible that some of the expense of all that paper, printing, and distribution would offset some of the income from phone book advertisers.  To opt out of phone books you don’t need, go here:

Yellow Pages Association | Environmental "Yellow Pages publishers want their products to be welcome in your home. Please contact the following publishers to adjust the number of directories you receive or to remove yourself from directory distribution lists. If the publisher you are looking for is not listed below, please check inside the directory and call the customer service number listed. Please note, only  U.S. publishers are listed in this search. " - from Yellow Pages Association | Home

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