Friday, May 21, 2010

The Plan for Washington Grove Park:

Several residents who live near and around the city’s Washington Grove Park attended a meeting by city officials on the new work plan for resolving some of the issues that have built up over the years. 

The work plan includes: control of invasive species, replanting, trail recovery, park visitation, stewardship, and planning.  The meeting was not well attended, nor representative of concerned residents, because a couple of close-by neighborhoods (including The Upper Monroe Avenue Association UMNA) were not notified of this event. 

That’s too bad because there will be some changes, including taking down several large Norway Maple trees (invasive species), that will impact those who enjoy the park regularly.  

One attendee remarked that the public would better understand the efforts by the city, which include chain sawing large trees, if they were adequately informed and educated on the environmental and other issues in the park that are trying to be addressed. 

If you are concerned about the new measures taken by the city, Email Mr. Brian Liberti, City Forester with questions or comments, or call the Division of Forestry at (585) 428-7581. Also, to help the city identify resident’s use of this park, complete an online survey of how you use the park: City of Rochester | Washington Grove Park Visitor Survey.  

Check here for the city website on Washington Grove Park: City of Rochester | Washington Grove Workplan Development Washington Grove is a woodland area nestled on the eastern edge of Cobbs Hill Park . In 2008, a coalition of neighborhood associations, led by the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club, came together to develop a management plan for Washington Grove. The group worked to identify the users of the Grove, their needs and interests, and the problems facing the area. They produced a draft management plan and provided it to City officials for their review. On May 20th, 2010, the City will hold a community meeting to present its workplan for the Grove. The workplan will be posted here afterwards.

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