Friday, May 07, 2010

Environmental Disaster Unfolding

One of the problems with trying to convince the public of the danger and immediacy of environmental issues is that they usually unfold so slowly that they go unnoticed or we get bored.  No such trouble with the Gulf Oil Spill.  It’s happening now and unfolding before your eyes. 

Question arise as to whether environmentalist should take advantage of this calamity, making much of this incident with ‘I-told-you-so’s’  After all, said one senator, “Accident’s happen.”  Accidents do happen. 

But, accidents like the ones your mother tries to prevent when she tells you not to run out into the streets are preventable.  Very preventable. 

Drilling for oil in delicate ecological areas opens up the real possibility of a major disaster.  There’s little margin for error and so accident do happened and have continually polluted our environment. 

Others say environmentalists should grow up and realize that even if we do go ‘whole hog’ and adopt renewable energy, we are still going to have to drill and get our oil to run our present energy needs for the next 30 years.

But, here’s the thing: Nature doesn’t assume that human population has to grow exponentially and we all have to have a place to plug in all our devices.  Nature, the laws of physics actually, doesn’t assume any special rules or exceptions to human existence at all.  If we don’t change how we treat or planet immediately and become sustainable—we won’t (by definition) be sustainable.  Our economy, our wishes, our sense of justice, are all subservient to the laws of Nature, they always have been. 

Go here to get a glimpse of catastrophe, and please refrain from thinking about human political reactions to this. It’s not a ‘spin doctor’ moment.  It’s Nature at work achieving a balance. Gulf Disaster "The Center has launched a Gulf-Crisis Web site that we'll update daily with information on how big the spill is, where it's hitting shore, what species are suffering the impacts, how the rescue effort's going, what we're doing, and how it's all driving home the critical need to reverse Obama's decision to open up new areas to offshore oil drilling in Alaska, the eastern Gulf of Mexico, and along the Atlantic Coast. " - from Center for Biological Diversity

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