Friday, April 02, 2010

Will there be a Phosphorus Ban Law here?

We know that the overuse of phosphorus has causes unwanted and unhealthy algae growth, which is affecting the environmental health of the Great Lakes.  And, now one state is restricting fertilizers containing phosphorus. But, that’s only one state.  There are five Great Lakes and several states and two countries surround the Great Lakes. What good will one state restricting fertilizers containing phosphorus do for our environment? 

Our environment works as a whole, and the Great Lakes is a system of lakes, eventually flowing to Lake Ontario, through the St. Lawrence River and out to the ocean. If we are going to try and solve environmental problems, how can we solve our environmental issues by continually carving up our environment with manmade boundaries, instead of Nature’s? My point, in order to solve the phosphorus problem in the Great Lakes, won’t all the states and the US and Canada have to pass such laws? 

Phosphorus law in effect today | | Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter Use of compound in fertilizer for home lawns to be restricted | The phosphorus ban, signed into law last year by Gov. Jim Doyle, prohibits the use and sale of fertilizers containing phosphorus, but includes several exceptions on both the selling and application of fertilizers. (April 1, 2010)

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