Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why The Invasive Species Problem will get Worse:

While we wait for the inevitable onslaught of the Asian Carp into the Great Lakes, as we waited for the Zebra Mussels two decades ago, we might reflect on the world-wide issue of Invasive Species.  Climate Change and Transportation in the modern age fuel much of the rapid spread of species that end up in areas where they have no natural enemies and wreak havoc on indigenous species.  

What can we do about this situation?  Mostly keep informed and vote for candidates who appreciate and are willing to work with other countries around the world to monitor and check the spread of invasive species.  The day where we could contain our borders (if they ever existed at all) are over.  We’re going to be very busy the rest of this century holding our own against an increasingly hostile environment because we keep failing to act on issues like Invasive Species

BBC News - Counting the cost of alien invasions Far too many governments have failed to grasp the scale of the threat from invasive species, warns UN Environment Programme's executive director Achim Steiner. In this week's Green Room, he issues a call to arms to halt the alien invasion. (April 13, 2010)

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