Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Public Can Help Gather Environmental Information:

Along with all the possible negative repercussions of mankind’s footprints on our environment there are some good things.  One of them is the power of the Internet and its ability to clarify just how world-wide environmental issues are. But, the Internet not only reveals environmental problems around the world, it also has the power to gather people to help our environment.  One way is to have citizens join in gathering important information, so the rest of us can make sound judgments on our actions that affect our environment. Clearly, we cannot depend on any single media, or government, or university, or business for all the information we need.  Sometime we ourselves can be a part of that process:

USGS CoreCast: Help Us Keep an Eye on Climate Change "Attention citizen scientists: We need your help watching the way the world changes! For nature, timing is everything. So how does climate change affect the timing of things like flowers blooming and animals migrating, and why is this so important? Learn more, and find out how YOU can help us by observing the world around you from USGS scientist Jake Weltzin, Director of the National Phenology Network. " --from Welcome to the USGS - U.S. Geological Survey

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