Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If Climate Change was True:

If Climate Change was true, the implications of such a dramatic global change should be reflected in at least some countries—especially those countries most vulnerable to quickly rising oceans and hurricanes.  

It is true and some countries (only 34% of American believes anthropogenic Climate Change is happening ((check out this interview: "Avatar" Director James Cameron Follows Box Office Success with Advocacy for Indigenous Struggles on Democracy Now!) are beginning to address it.  Maybe, when we finally ‘get it’ we’ll start acting.  Check out the stories of those countries who do get it and are doing something about it:

Global Ideas | Deutsche Welle Melting ice caps, catastrophic hurricanes, floods and drought plunging entire regions into a water crisis. These are the drastic images often associated with climate change. But what's actually being done on the ground to halt global warming? What kind of projects are helping to reduce emissions, inform people and spur them to change their lifestyles? Each week GLOBAL IDEAS visits a new destination and reports on a new project, so check back often.  -from Home | Deutsche Welle

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