Thursday, April 08, 2010

Extraordinary Times:

This is what we need to get:  We living amidst a great upheaval in our planet’s environment, mostly caused by mankind.  The changes, however slowly they may seem to the ordinary observer, are happening at an alarming rate. Sticking to an ideology where dramatic changes in our environment don’t happen, or adopting an attitude that you don’t believe in Climate Change or the Loss of Biodiversity, don’t match the facts. 

A New Geologic Era "It is a new age of geological time or so some say called the Anthropocene Epoch. This is noted in the in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. (web issue March 29; print issue April 1). This is because of the dramatic recent or potential changes in the world such as climate warming and species extinction. The dawning of this new epoch may include the sixth largest mass extinction in the Earth's history. Whether the new era will be dramatic as the Jurassic with the end of the dinosaur is still to be determined. " -from Environmental News Network -- Know Your Environment 

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