Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eliminating Garbage:

The New York Times editors ask:” What stands in the way of the U.S. adopting more of these advanced technologies?”  Other countries are burning or burying their garbage and mostly we bury our garbage via landfills.  And, we are deriving energy from many of our landfills by collecting the methane gases. 

But rather than try to make my own case here, I say that I completely agree with Laura Haight (who “is senior environmental associate with the New York Public Interest Research Group” in her section , “Start With Waste Reduction.” Join in the discussion at the NYT’s:

Should the U.S. Burn or Bury Its Trash? An article in The Times this week reports on the broad use of new, cleaner garbage incinerators across Europe that convert trash into heat and electricity. In Denmark, these plants have been embraced even in wealthy suburbs because they curb energy costs, reduce the use of landfills and cut carbon dioxide emissions." editors of the New York Times

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