Monday, April 12, 2010

Climate Change Deniers:

I don’t spend a lot of time debunking Climate Change deniers because after two decade it’s obvious that there is overwhelming evidence and a reasonable assumption that over six billion humans with their cars, houses, and energy plants are putting greenhouse gases into our atmosphere at an alarming rate. Carbon Dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas in our atmosphere, was 280 parts per billion circa 1860’s now the latest figure has it at 390ppb.)  

Instead of arguing the point, I believe the most prudent reaction to Climate Change is to act on it as though it is occurring because waiting for what the deniers would like as a certainty would most likely fry us all. It is critical to realize that we are bumping up against something profoundly different in our human history (where the past is no guide) and find a way to curb our inclination to deny, stubbornly stick to our ideologies, or indulge in what we perceive as short term gains, and act positively when our environment is clearly being threatened by a present danger. 

If we cannot distinguish between a real danger and ones that our not, we shall severely limit the freedoms of future generations.  We must be able to distinguish between political, ideology, economic, and personal differences and those issues that threaten our ability to survive on this planet. However, there are others who better able to lay bare the essentials of the climate change crisis and change public opinion on the most critical environmental issue of our day. 

Check out: Weathermen, and other climate change skeptics : The New Yorker "Up in the Air " Why, with global warming, is it always one step forward, two, maybe three steps back? A year ago, it looked as if the so-called climate debate might finally be over, and the business of actually addressing the problem about to begin. In April, the Obama Administration designated CO2 a dangerous pollutant, thus taking the first critical step toward regulating carbon emissions." -from The New Yorker

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Anonymous said...

"Carbon Dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas in our atmosphere"

Wrong. According to Wikipedia water vapor is the most prevelent greenhouse gas. Wiki says water vapor contributes 36–72% while carbon dioxide contributes 9–26% of the greenhouse effect.

Notice how large the ranges are? After two decades and 1000's of peer reviewed papers, the greenhouse contribution ranges are so huge that they are not even relevent. They are just a stab in the dark. Climate science really is not science at all.