Monday, March 08, 2010

More Climate Changes here:

The list of possible environmental changes due to Climate Change in our region grows.  The more we understand and study Climate Change and its implications the more we understand that warmers summers and warmer winters aren’t going to be the only consequences of New York’s Climate Change.  Doing the things we have to do to stop Climate Change, which is within our powers (like ‘cooling it’ on burning greenhouse gases), is going to be a whole lot more tolerable than adapting or changing to Climate Change here.

Invasive Plants Move North Fall foliage is the veritable trademark of the Northeast. Families flock from around the world to take in the natural splendor. Imagine autumn in New England without its distinctive palette - choked out by a dense labyrinth of invasive vines. This nightmare may become a reality in the near future if current climate trends continue, increasing the threat of invasive plant species to the Northeast Region.

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