Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Climate Change Changes:

Weather should be the daily reporting of what our atmosphere is throwing at us. But, increasingly we are getting a wide perspective on what’s going on. Climate change studies come in almost daily, from various experts, various countries, various disciplines.  Climate Change in not a conspiracy, it’s connecting the dos on major changes coming quickly to our climate.     

NASA: “It is nearly certain that a new record 12-month global temperature will be set in 2010″ « Climate Progress Must-read draft paper: "We conclude that global temperature continued to rise rapidly in the past decade" and "that there has been no reduction in the global warming trend of 0.15-0.20°C/decade that began in the late 1970s." Climate Progress

And also, check this out: Monarch butterflies making trek north from Mexico in lowest numbers in decades | Local New... Monarch butterflies, hit hard by strong storms at their winter home in Mexico, have dwindled to their lowest population levels in decades as they begin to return to Texas on their springtime flight back to the United States and Canada. (March 19, 2010) http://www.star-telegram.com/

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