Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why the public is not 'getting it' on Climate change:

I suspect as the planet warms up there is going to be endless speculation as to why, despite all evidence, the public does not believe in Climate Change.  It seems NPR would like to believe it’s because people’s world view is the answer Belief In Climate Change Hinges On Worldview : NPR, meaning "People tend to conform their factual beliefs to ones that are consistent with their cultural outlook, their world view," Braman says.” 

Perhaps, but I think there’s more going on and certainly the media itself plays a role in why we as a species cannot adequately address a looming environmental problem.  Others too are beginning to think the role of the media plays a critical part of the missing components in the world-wide acknowledgement of Climate Change.   

Check out: Signals and noise. Mass-media coverage of climate change in the USA and the UK "Various studies have shown that the public gathers much of its knowledge about science from the mass media (Wilson, 1995), with television and daily newspapers being the primary sources of information (Project for Excellence in Journalism, 2006; NSF, 2004). "

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