Friday, February 19, 2010

Methane Bomb:

As our list of concerns about the consequences of Climate Change grows (and we become more dysfunctional about addressing this issue) here’s more evidence of what the melting of our tundra might bring: the massive release of methane gas to our atmosphere. 

Some have said that for Climate Change, carbon dioxide is the fuse, methane is the bomb.

Canada's permafrost retreats amid warming trend | Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The permanently frozen ground known as permafrost is retreating northward in the area around Canada's James Bay, a sign of a decades-long regional warming trend, a climate scientist said on Wednesday. When permafrost melts, it can liberate the powerful greenhouse gas methane that is locked in the frozen soil. The amount of methane contained in permafrost around James Bay is slight compared to the vast stores of the chemical found in ancient, deep permafrost in the Yukon, Alaska and Siberia. (February 17, 2010) Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News |

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