Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Climate/Weather Rage:

Along with the wild weather changes that are coming with Climate Change (which is why many wanted Global Warming changed to ‘Climate Change’) will be the raging in the press heralding the climate change deniers claim that because of the snow in Washington, the nasty climate scientist emails, and the Himalaya glacier timetable all mean that Climate Change is a great big hoax.

There are only discrepancies in the Climate Change prediction that our climate is warming up if you interpret these latest media denier stories as evidence that the rise in global warming gases in our atmosphere are not warming up the planet. This is all tragic because the overwhelming evidence is that our atmosphere is warming up and we are increasingly (note the collapse of the Copenhagen talks) incapable of addressing an issue that needs a sea change in our attitude towards our planet’s environment.

Trouble is that our dysfunction taking actions is that Climate Change seriously butts up against ideological and economic forces that fear what will happen to them if we take responsibility for our planet. Much would be improved if editors in the media were able to look at the climate change issue in terms of a people whose planet is warming up.

Presently, most media editors seem to be pandering to political, religious, economic, and the sales of their media, instead of presenting to the world a slow moving disaster that we need to address.

There needs to be a new model of journalistic objectivity that is able to take in the preponderance of evidence that Climate Change is happening—and it is far more compelling than parading every deniers claim as if they hold equal weight in every Climate Change story.

Get This: Warming Planet Can Mean More Snow : NPR With snow blanketing much of the country, the topic of global warming has become the butt of jokes. Climate skeptics built an igloo in Washington, D.C., during the recent storm and dedicated it to former Vice President Al Gore, who's become the public face of climate change. There was also a YouTube video called "12 inches of global warming" that showed snow plows driving through a blizzard. (February 15, 2010) NPR : National Public Radio : News & Analysis, World, US, Music & Arts : NPR

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