Saturday, January 23, 2010

Solving Climate Change should not be a political football.

But, it is. In these extraordinary times, with many political sides fighting about Climate Change, including those who don’t even believe it is happening or due to human influence, there’s a player in the fracas that the media rarely allows to speak—Nature. If our media doesn’t learn how to objectively, accurately, and deeply go after this issue, the increase greenhouse gases in our atmosphere will warm the planet up—regardless of the political spin.

Climate bill setback forces clean development rethink | Reuters "LONDON (Reuters) - Still reeling from disappointing UN climate talks in Copenhagen in December, clean energy project developers were dealt another blow this week when U.S. Democrats lost their Senate supermajority, potentially killing a federal cap-and-trade scheme for years to come. Although the passage of a U.S. bill to cap greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 was far from certain, the election of a Republican in Massachusetts to the Senate on Tuesday derailed any momentum President Obama had following his healthcare push toward introducing a cap-and-trade scheme this year." (January 22, 2010) Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News |

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