Monday, January 18, 2010

Cars: expensive to you and the environment:

Our love, here in the United States, of our cars comes at a ridiculously high price. Much that is contained in this cost is not simply the ticket price of the vehicle, or the insurance, or the license fee, or repair bills, or the yearly inspections.

Much of the taxes you pay are gobbled up by road and bridge repair. The cost to our environment is hidden from most of us because we refuse to see the greenhouse gas emissions, the incredible amount of paved-over land required, and the innumerable hindrances to plant and wildlife because millions of cars and roads carve up their former ecospheres.

Plants don’t grow on busy pavement, nor do many animals cross, as streets and highways now define their boundaries instead the boundaries these species evolved to eek out a living over millions of years. So, the next time you climb in your car (instead of walking, or bicycling, or taking mass transit, or voting for alternative transportation) consider the incredible cost that short ride is really costing you.

Worn roads, bridges costing area driver | | Democrat and Chronicle Rochester's deteriorating roads and bridges are costing motorists hundreds of dollars every year, a transportation research group said Thursday. TRIP, which is based in Washington, D.C., and funded by groups with a financial interest in better infrastructure, found that a third of the major roads in Rochester are in poor or mediocre condition and 27 percent of the bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. (January 15, 2010) | Democrat and Chronicle | Rochester news, community, entertainment, yellow pages and classifieds. Serving Rochester, New York

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