Friday, December 18, 2009

Bat News

One of the many reasons why I believe our present mainstream media are mostly dysfunctional concerns this story about a major decline in bats in our area.  Seems to the press that bats aren’t too popular and won’t bring in the big bucks the media wants. 

So, connecting the dots about the major role bats play in our local environment (controlling insects, providing food for the predators we do like, etc.) and getting in the public’s face about this issue is not there.  We should care about this issue because it is a rapid change in our environment that may have grave consequences. 

Tt has nothing to do about what the press might think the public cares about bats.  The public is becoming increasing removed from knowledge about the working of their environment—which we need to survive—because our media doesn’t know how to present environmental issues—which need to be continual, focused on connecting the dots, and investigative reporting on all the possible consequence of any change or potential change in our environment.

More stories in the media about the decline in bat population would generate more interest in the public and perhaps more funding to get at the bottom of this issue and how it might change our environment here in the Rochester, NY region.

DEC Survey Shows Bat Populations down 90 Percent in Caves Impacted by "White Nose Syndrome" - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation Wide-ranging, Coordinated Research Effort Continuing; NY Gearing Up for Next Round of Winter Surveys Populations of some bat species have plummeted more than 90 percent in Northeast caves impacted by "White Nose Syndrome," according to an extensive investigation by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Commissioner Pete Grannis announced today. (December 16, 09) Press Releases - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation [more on Wildlife]

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