Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Environmental Coverage

I applaud this story below by the Democrat and Chronicle yesterday for it thoroughness and importance. Not that all good local environmental reporting has to be about a negative situation (Brownfields), but every community should have a thorough understanding of its environment in order for its citizens to act and vote to keep their local environmental sustainable.

Not knowing about old dumpsites, the state of our water and our air is not how a community develops and goes forward. We have to know the historical, present, and future plans of what is going on in our environment and we must be able to depend on our local media to do that. This article, if it represents an attitude towards our environment coverage to be presented to the public everyday, would demand that the public support it in this time of media crisis.

Our media shouldn’t have to pander to the public’s wishes in order to survive; it should provide the public information we need to know to survive. And, the public should be willing to support thorough ongoing environmental reporting in its community, or suffer the consequences of acting on insufficient, delusional or misguided information.

Irondequoit residents living above old dump sit on uneasy ground | | Democrat and Chronicle Time and again over the last quarter-century, state and local agencies raised questions and alarms about possible threats to residents of Timrod Drive but never acted, an investigation by the Democrat and Chronicle found. On at least two occasions, officials recommended testing to see whether Timrod Drive residents faced any health risks, but the testing was never done. (November 29, 09) | Democrat and Chronicle | Rochester news, community, entertainment, yellow pages and classifieds. Serving Rochester, New York [more on Brownfields in our area]

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