Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why Littering Won't Work:

It shouldn’t have to be this way—upping fines for littering—but what’s the alternative? How much trash lays around one community seems to correlate with how that community views its environment? That’s not a scientific conclusion, just a personal one—though the corollary, a visually pristine community, may not be actually environmentally sound either.

As many pollutants and unsustainable practices can be hidden behind the veneer of high-tech development. Besides the polluting and disruptive character of trash about a community to the flora and fauna, it certainly is a sign of distain there must be in a place littered by trash. Cleaning up trash or stepping up fines for littering maybe mostly cosmetic, but it certainly shows a positive attitude. Besides being environmentally repulsive, littering is counter-productive.

The response to activities like littering on a planet where our environmental distain is catching up with us is not going to be for the community to give up and wallow in garbage; it’s going to be for communities and governments to take corrective actions—as any organism must adopt in order to survive.

Check out: Lyons increases littering fine to $250 — At separate meetings this week, the village and town boards approved increasing the fine for littering to $250. July 23, 09) Finger Lakes Times Online

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