Thursday, July 02, 2009

Critical Feedback Requested about our community:

Critical Feedback Requested about our community: We here at wish to remind you again of an important website that has been launched in our area.

ACT Rochester has been a long time in the works and is modeled on other cities who have worked on this concept of provide communities of important indicator that will determine among other things Education, Environment, Technology, Transportation, Health, Public Safety, etc. This site is an on-going, long-term project to provide not only community groups and governmental bodies, but you the citizen who cares about your community, with critical data (not opinions and news, but expertly acquired data).

Please take a moment to get the facts about the state of Rochester, New York’s sustainability prospects and most importantly get engaged. Answers to surveys and comments are asked at this site and this is important because feedback from these people who are actually collecting the data about our community is critical. It’s not like blogs, or newspapers who want to know how important Michael Jackson is to your life, but what kind of information do you or your group need to know to begin project, complete grants, clean up your neighborhood. So, please get engaged with this special website in our community and encourage your employer, you friends, your groups that you belong to of this unique and important resource for our area.

It’s not just the usual stuff, trust me: ACT Rochester "Changing the Culture of Public Discussion and Debate The mission of ACT Rochester is to stimulate community solutions to our most critical challenges by changing the culture of public discussion and debate. This will be achieved through focused, independent and objective measurement of key community indicators, through diverse and timely dialogue and by promoting results-oriented actions. ACT Rochester is a collaboration of Rochester Area Community Foundation and the United Way of Greater Rochester. We developed the Website together, along with assistance from the Center for Governmental Research, and plan to sustain and update it as a central component of ACT Rochester. We hope that the comprehensive data and other information contained here will serve as a focal point for formal and informal community forums and inspire you and others in the community to share comments and participate in polls, which will be added to the Website in the coming months. In addition, we will be scheduling a variety of community discussions and activities beginning in the fall of 2009. The name ACT Rochester urges action, specifically in response to the issues highlighted by the data. The name also stands for Achieving Community Targets, which signals the potential to establish specific targets or goals for improvement. These targets will be the result of the community involvement process, and will form the future development of ACT Rochester. ACT Rochester currently covers a seven-county region: Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Wayne and Wyoming. This Website contains indicators, analysis of trends, summaries of community efforts to address issues and numerous listings of community resources.

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