Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paying Taxes on Bottled Water? Good Grief!

Considering that the Rochester area has some of the best and cleanest municipal drinking water in the country and bottled water companies are privatizing our public waters and the plastics from zillions of water bottles is un-depositable (at least until the Bigger Better Bottle Bill gets going) are filling up our landfills, which have limits, why are we the taxpayer paying for bottle water—which ultimately undermines our faith in our municipal water and undermines our tax monies that could be going to support our public waters? We need an attitude change about water.

Taxpayers Billed for Bottled Water at City Events - (Rochester, N.Y.) – Rochester area leaders often brag about the quality of our water supply. But taxpayers spend thousands of dollars a year on bottled water and water for dispensers. The city purchased water for catered events such as the 175th Anniversary party, Sister Cities receptions, and Clean Sweep. (June 15, 09) Home -

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