Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New transportation route, New carbon-free transportation route in Rochester.

More ways to get around in Rochester than driving that gas-guzzler: Rochester Greenway "a revolutionary all-weather alternative-energy transitway for bikes, e-bikes, joggers, and skaters connecting RIT, U of R, MCC, downtown Rochester. A straight-line fair-weather bikeway already connects downtown Rochester with the University of Rochester, and RIT1. By turning this scenic five-mile path into a year-round asset, we can create a revolutionary all-weather alternative energy transitway 
for bikes, e-vehicles, joggers, and skaters that will reduce road traffic and parking pressures on our campuses, create a year-round recreational attraction for locals and visitors from around the world, and put us at the forefront of the new energy economy. By merely endeavoring to pursue this vision, we can help revitalize Rochester's reputation for technological and social innovation, stimulate collaboration and synergy between our urban and academic communities, create jobs, and attract funds to the region. As documented at our new website, this is an early-stage vision. But we could begin to act immediately and incrementally.

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