Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Not Just Good for the Environment; It's the Law

Reducing our dependency on those ubiquitous plastic bags littering our roads, trails, up in the branches of our trees, down our drainpipes, across our lawns and just about everywhere is not just a good idea – it’s the law. Mostly, these laws pertain to large stores, but it’s a sign that times are a’changing. Think of taking a reusable bag around with you when you shop and buying less stuff.

NYS Plastic Bag Reduction, Reuse and Recycling Law - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation * Title 27 - Plastic Bag Reduction, Reuse and Recycling Section 27-2701. Definitions. 27-2703. Store operator responsibilities. 27-2705. Recycling program requirements. 27-2707. Manufacturer responsibilities. 27-2709. Department responsibility. 27-2711. Regulations. 27-2713. Preemption. * NB There are 2 Title 27's

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