Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sign of the Times

Certainly, it’s a sign of the times when a major news service decides to devote an entire section of its news service to Green Business news: Green Business News Business, industry, corporations, etc. should have always included our environment in their business practices. In the future they will be so merged as to be one—this is because they always have been.

It’s just that for a zillion reasons, business have not treated our environment as anything but an infinite and free resource or a drain to pour their chemicals down. (Rather than argue this point, go to RTKNet: The Right-to-Know Network The Right-to-Know Network type in your city and find out how much toxic waste was released into your environment by industry since 1982.)

So, now business will not only be cleaning up their act, they will be providing jobs so we the people can make a living cleaning up the planet and keeping it clean. While this great change in business and media thinking is to be applauded, so much devastation to our environment has occurred before we have gotten to this point.

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