Wednesday, May 27, 2009

See Climate Change:

If you’re from Missouri, you probably want us to ‘show you’ the effects of climate change, instead of listing article after article. Because of the nature of large-scale, long-term changes inherit in climate change this proved a challenge for the public who didn’t own their own intergalactic satellite.

Well, now you can borrow NASA’s satellites and watch them watch our planet’s ice move, water levels rise, and storms move. So, before leveling an opinion about whether we can witness climate change happening, check this amazingly assessable data from NASA and see for yourself—even if you just from New York. Climate Change: NASA's Eyes on the Earth "Eyes on the Earth – Earth-orbiting spacecraft and instruments developed my NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory currently study all aspects of our planet – oceans, land, atmosphere, biosphere and cyrosphere. They provide critical data about the rate and extent of global climate change."

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